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    Anna Staats

  • Hello!

    After an amazing adventure in Australia - living and working in Sydney - I came back to the Netherlands November 2019. I continued working for my Australian company on a remote base, but now that has come to an end, I look forward to pursuing my career in the Netherlands.


    In the last 7 years I reviewed over 1000 CV’s and this showed me how difficult it is to capture someones character, energy and values in a PDF document. Which then made me think of my own resume. I want to do something different. I want you to get to know me without actually meeting me in person (yet). I want to give you more insights of who I am. What drives me, what am I capable of, what do I still have to learn, what are my values and much more. This is why I created my own website.


    It's up to you to decide if I am that one person you need in your organisation, but in the meantime, I just hope you enjoy having a look at my website. Thank you for visiting, please be in touch if you have any questions and for now: I wish you a lovely day!


    Anna Staats



    Creating involvement and commitment

    When you work in HR, it’s a bit cheesy to say "I am good with people". But genuinely, I am. I will be the person who sees a team needs some extra motivation and who will go above and beyond to make sure we do something personal which makes them feel appreciated. I will be the person who stimulates managers to write a personal note to their team members before Christmas. I will be the person who remembers the receptionist had some trouble with her newborn lately and regularly asks how that’s going.


    I know that happy and content people deliver better results, so why not do as much as I can to make sure people are happy about going to work. In the end, every employee wants to be acknowledged, appreciated and heard. It’s no rocket science, it’s just paying attention.

    Confronting & Conflict Management

    I am not afraid of confrontation. From experience I've learned that confrontation is the first step towards resolution. I will speak about the facts and the truth, no matter how unpleasant it sometimes may be. However, I manage to do this in a way that nobody feels insulted, angry or sad. 

    In order to make a team, an employee or a company better, it's necessary to confront people, eye to eye, in grown up conversations. Combined with my communication skills, I manage confronting situations in a way that it will not explode to an argument.


    Being good in confronting people about their behavior, helps me in mediating problems between team members, colleagues or peers. In fact, this is what I have been doing quite frequently in my previous job as a Human Resources Manager at Social Deal.


    “Think outside the box” is a phrase which is often used when describing creativity. I rather say “get rid of the box”, because my creativity knows no limits. Examples of me being creative are:

    • Making this website (instead of using just a CV)
    • Having 150 employees sleeping in tipi tents when the chosen hotel location cancelled 10 weeks before a big event 
    • Being a sharp and funny host during a Town Hall Meeting, which I redesigned so it fitted the company perfectly 
    • Changing a rather boring canal cruise on the Donau in Budapest into a beer cantus cruise with Dutch songs, live entertainment and a comedian as a host 

    Organisational skills

    This is one of my top talents. Things I am - for example - proud of are setting up a complete HR department (while I was actually still a rookie) and organizing a 2-day festival for all employees of Social Deal.


    When you give me the responsibility of a project, event or task, I will make sure it will be developed, executed and delivered to you with the highest possible quality. I work organised, keep an overview and divide tasks making sure I use the strengths of my team members at their best potential. I keep an eye on the bigger picture, but pay attention to details as well. This all combined truly makes the difference.

    Problem solving

    I enjoy solving problems and especially the ones that don’t have a standard solution. Fixing and solving comes naturally to me; I automatically do it. I like talking to people, ask them the right questions and get to the bottom of a problem so I can come up with a way to solve or fix it for the long-term. When in a stressful situation, I keep a calm head and take control of the situation quickly. You will not see me panic.


    I am highly aware of the fact that communication – both verbal and non-verbal – are key in every situation. I adjust my style of communication to the conversation I’m having. One situation might ask for a warm, gentle approach while the other situation needs a more blunt and direct way. I can and will do both. No matter what conversation I am having, I will always communicate in a respectful and honest way.

  • Recommendations

    Some nice words of the people I've worked with.

    Matt Scott

    Director, Human Capital

    The iQ Group Global

    Anna joined The iQ Group Global for a 6 month contract whilst she was living in Sydney Australia. Anna very quickly absorbed sufficient information about the (complex) business to enable her to start adding value in talent searching, interviewing and selection. By the end of her first month, she built a reputation as a trusted talent advisor to 2 key business leaders and successfully sourced niche talent for their business units. Anna also looked for ways to leverage her broader HR experience and contribute proactively and pragmatically to the development of the Human Resources function. Anna would have been welcomed into a permanent role within my team if she was staying in Sydney.


    Click here to go to the LinkedIn page of Matt Scott.

    Rens van den Berg

    Co-founder and owner

    Social Deal

    I truly enjoyed working with Anna. She knows how to motivate her team and the people around her. She creates a feeling of commitment and always makes sure people enjoy their job. Anna can coach her team to work efficient, to deliver and meet deadlines. Also, she has an overview of the work that needs to be done and will always look at all the variables, which makes her opinion on company processes very valuable. She is creative in coming up with solutions and will never avoid a challenge - even if it's outside her comfort zone. All of this together with her goal oriented approach made a huge contribution to Social Deal.


    Click here to go the LinkedIn page of Rens van den Berg

    Bart Oosterholt

    Co-founder and owner

    Social Deal

    In the nearly 5 years as the HR-Manager of Social Deal Anna has made a huge impact on our company. She is a hard worker whom you can count on, day and night.

    If I had to give a brief summary of the thing she accomplished within the company:

    • She built the HR department from scratch
    • Anna gets what HR is about; a balance between corporate and personal approach. The companies interest always came first, but always with the people in mind
    • Find friction, mention it and start with action right away
    • She is strong in a coaching role, both for employees and management
    • Being a highly valued sparring partner for us (the CEO's)
    • Always choose the right thing to do. No hidden agenda or avoiding confrontation; straight to the point
    • Hands-on mentality with strong strategic skills and a clear vision on company culture
    Anna left Social Deal because she moved to Australia with her partner. We have warm memories of the time we worked together and I would recommend any company to hire Anna if they're looking for a true HR-professional.


    Click here to go to the LinkedIn page of Bart Oosterholt

    Anja Oude Geerdink

    Operationeel Directeur

    Insieme (arbodienst)

    During the time Anna worked as an HR-Manager for Social Deal, we had a very pleasant work relation. Anna is a very open and transparent person. She is down to earth, however, always with empathy. Anna can reflect on herself and her work, knows what she's capable of and what she still can or needs to learn. Anna is always looking for a win-win situation, but will be strict when necessary. She get's the job done. At Social Deal, Anna really saw what the company needed and provided an environment where others could grow. Equality while working with people is highly valuable for her. Dealing with different interests (strategic/political) came natural to her, because she kept her head cool and remained open. I wish Anna all the best in her future career and hope to meet and work with her again in the future.


    Click here to go to the LinkedIn page of Anja Oude Geerdink

    Charlotte Bastiaans

    HR Associate at Social Deal

    Anna and I worked very closely for 2,5 years at Social Deal. Due to her leadership style I really enjoyed working with her. She knows how to find errors or friction in a organisation, let's people free in their development and gives guidance when needed. She is very strong in communication, which she could fully utilize in her role as HR-manager. In short, Anna is a solid, good leader with strong communicative and creative skills and a true go-getter.


    Click here to go to the LinkedIn page of Charlotte Bastiaans

  • Companies I work(ed) for

    I have worked for a diverse range of companies in different industries; mental healthcare, tourism and hospitality, marketing and the biotechnical/pharmaceutical industry. I love experiencing new industries, because I am eager to learn more and it gives an extra challenge to a new role.

    Various companies

    2019 - Current | HR & Recruitment Consultant

    As a consultant, I help companies create, develop and execute their HR and Recruitment strategy.
    My work varies from recruitment to coaching and from an advising to executing role.


    If you have a project in Recruitment or HR where you need help with? Don't hesitate to contact me at anna.staats@outlook.com.

    Toos Werkloos


    2020 - Current

    In May 2020, due to the consequences of the corona virus, I lost my job as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the iQ Group Global. Since I had worked in Recruitment and HR for over 7 years, I decided to use my knowledge on how to successfully apply for a job to help others. Being an entrepeneur has taught me so much already and I only just started. With my courses and coaching I can really make the difference for my customers, something I absolutely love to do.


    Would you like to know more about Toos? Check out my website www.tooswerkloos.nl, visit my Instagram page or conect with me on LinkedIn.

    The iQ Group Global (AUS)

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    May 2019 - April 2020

    At The iQ Group Global, we are a diverse team of experts who work together to find, fund and develop bio science discoveries into life-changing medical innovations – and take them to market. In August 2019 The iQ Group Global was ranked amongst the top 5 of most innovative bioctech companies in Australia and it is an honor to work for a company that truly makes a difference in peoples lives. Working in an industry that is so different than what I was used to, challenged me in all the right ways. Luckily I learn fast, so I was able to quickly add value to the company by recruiting successful new employees.



    Social Deal (NL)

    Human Resources Manager | Recruiter & HR Administrator

    Sept 2014 - March 2019

    When I joined Social Deal in 2014, I was the only person in HR and they had approximately 50 employees. Until then, they didn't really have an HR-department and most of the administration was outsourced. I was a rookie with a high sense of responsibility and big dreams for the company and I am forever grateful for the trust I was given to develop and execute so many exciting projects. When I left, the company had around 180 employees and I am proud that I have been a part of the growth of this company.



    Stichting Prisma (NL)

    Assistant Attendant

    August 2007 - Jan 2014

    For over a 100 years Cooperation (Stichting) Prisma has been active in the care and support for intellectual disabled people in the south of the Netherlands. They have approximately 200 locations for people to live and other locations where they offer daily activities under professional guidance.

    At the age of 16 I started working in one of day activity centers and soon transferred to a home with 14 clients. For almost 7 years, I have worked with numerous clients supporting them in things varying from daily routine to activities. After I started my full time job at Social Deal, I remained a volunteer for day- and weekend trips. As a young teen starting in this job, I had no clue that I would be learning so much about myself, about true communication, about compassion and that I would literally grow up in this job. It has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have done.


    Hospitality work

    2006 - 2014

    Since I had the legal age to work until I started my first full time job, I have worked for several hospitality companies. Restaurants, Hotels, Event locations; I've done it all. Although working here has taught me a lot and made me to the professional I am today, I will not list all my hospitality work on this website. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to receive more information about my experience in the hospitality industry.

  • Social Summer Festival - A Succesful Project

    In August 2018 Social Deal celebrated their 7,5 anniversary. The owners asked me to think of a special way to celebrate this with the employees and I didn't need a lot of time to think about this. It has always been a dream of me to organise a Festival for Social Deal, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do. While also having my HR-management work, I was in charge of this festival and there was no agency involved to create it. But obviously, I didn't do it all by myself. With the help of my team and one of the CEO's we created an amazing weekend to celebrate Social Deal and as an appreciation for all the hard work the employees had done.


    When Social Deal was ranked as the number 1 workplace in the Netherlands, there was quite some media interested in my story as the Human Resources Manager of Social Deal. Unfortunately, these media are local media, therefore the interviews are Dutch.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about this, always happy to share.

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